A bus ticket I have remembered for over 50 years!

Montreal Skyline

I was a lonely 16 year old foreign student in Montreal, Canada when I first attended a youth meeting at Rosemount Bible Church (my grandfather had just died and my grandmother had gone back to her family in Lebanon leaving me all alone in that big city).

Many of the young people welcomed me warmly and went out of their way to be helpful.  Even though I was the first Egyptian any of them had ever met (there were hardly any Egyptians in Montreal in those days), they made me feel very much at home in their youth group.  One of them upon learning that I was trying to teach myself to type told me she’d bring me a book on typing to help me out. After the meeting a young man walked with me to my bus stop and explained to me how if I changed buses on the same trip I should ask for a “transfer” ticket which I could use on the next bus without having to use a new ticket.  That certainly helped me save money as I was using a new ticket on every bus I rode.

This summer Rebecca and I were visiting this church and reminisced with several of those who first welcomed me there about that life-changing summer for me in 1962!  They told me that when they first welcomed me they determined to make me welcome and went out of their way to be helpful.

It was through that church that I first understood the real meaning of the Gospel and decided to commit my life to Christ.  But I what most remember after 50 years is not the teaching I heard but the small acts of kindness which impacted me deeply.

Don’t underestimate the simple cup of water you give in Jesus’ name to seemingly insignificant people.