Words that Changed the World




6 thoughts on “Words that Changed the World

  1. Good evening Ramez and Rebecca. This is such a great Egypt picture and message that you are sending me that I am not sure if I am replying correctly. I started and wrote a short message but I am not at all sure that it went. I hope you don’t get 2 letters – you are no doubt too busy to read two notes. I have to say that at the age of 97 I am not as alert as I once was at the computer. But it is absolutely wonderful that you, your wife and other family members keep on keeping on doing the extremely important work that you do in Heliopolis. I will keep on keeping on praying for you all there. ++My heart is with y’all. I would love to hear about your grand children – they must be “at that age” when they are making lots of decisions. & how is Rebecca? I don’t particularly like living alone but I am still in the apt that you saw – with a couple living downstairs. As the house is on a hill, their apt opens at ground level also (at the back of the house). They are at their Church this evening (I even forget which church they go to (one of the Pentecostal Churches I believe.– I was out to Church this morning at Lambrick – are you on the Lambrick mailing list? I don’t think you have ever been to Lambrick have you – if you ever get to BC again I will have to make sure you get there – you should be on their donation list. It is a large group (one of the largest) – a pleasant place to go to . Love. Helen

    • Thank you so much, Helen, for your kind note. We well remember our visit with you a few years ago and your kind hospitality. Amazing that you can live alone at your age. May God give you strength and patience. Our grandkids are Alex 8 yrs , Natasha 6 yrs from our Daughter Leila, and Gabriel 2 yrs from Joel. We are grateful that the first two live close by and we see them often. Much love from both of us.

  2. Wasn’t it the Scripture that moved the heart of your grand father as he served others in the little city where he collected garbage? It is wonderful the way you have made the Scriptures (the Word of God Himself – this is God speaking) – available to so many. Helen

  3. I wrote a message and then couldn’t figure out how to sent it. I am not good at anything too complicated on the computer – I don’t think my letter went – will try again. Helen

  4. I don’t know if you are getting multiple messages but my computer (or its operator) is difficult. I hope you don’t get multiple copies of one message.Helen

  5. Good morning Ramez and Rebecca

    I, as you know , am not a specialist in computers. I can tell that you have sent a recent letter but my computer seems to think I shouldn’t be able to read it. I don’t understand why but I will keep trying. Born in 1918 I guess makes me a bit older than the computer thinks I should be or I simply don’t know how to open letters any more!

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