Time changes things in ways you could not dream of!

In October 1982 Rebecca visited the Mokattam Garbage Village for the first time.  Since then she has been there at least twice per week in a variety of ministries culminating in her present ministry at the Center of Love for the Disabled.

In the early years Rebecca longed for anyone to be willing to go with her to help these destitute garbage collectors and hardly anyone responded.  Most were afraid of getting diseases or being in danger in what seemed like a God-forsaken place.

Over the years, as God transformed the Village in ways none of us could have ever imagined, the Mokattam Garbage Village and its Cave Churches are now on nearly all Christian visitors to Egypt’s “must see list”.  Each week Rebecca recieves emails from people wanting her to show them around the Village.  She can only respond postively to a few of these requests or else she would become a full-time tour guide!

The popularity of the Garbage Village Churches was dramatically demonstrated to us this week when our son Joel send us a link to what one website recommended were the “51 Reasons To Fall In Love With Egypt”. The first picture was of the remarkable Abou Simbel Temple in Upper Egypt and the SECOND was of the large Cave Church at the Garbage Village!!??

32 years ago none of us could have even imagined that what was then a neglected and avoided shantytown would rate as number 2 on a list of things to see in Egypt!

It has been a remarkable blessing to us to observe first hand the metamorphosis of the Mokattam Garbage Village through the work of the Spirit of God over these many years. The lessons we have learned are too many to enumerate, but maybe the most important is that we should never underestimate what God can do in transforming people from the inside whom He would then use to transform their community.

To Him be the Glory!

Enjoy these remarkable pictures of our wonderful country:-