30 year old fruit


More than thirty years ago I had the privilege of meeting Bishop Moussa, the newly appointed Coptic Bishop for youth in Egypt.

At the time he asked me if I could help with training of Coptic Orthodox youth leaders in inductive Bible study at his office.  What started as a small group of 18 youth leaders developed eventually into the St Timothy Center for Inductive Bible Study which continues until today.

On Saturday I attended a “Day on the Bible” organized by a small church in an inner-city district in Cairo.  The ambitious priest of that church, Father Marcos, has a vision for helping young people interact with the Bible and had planned that day as a way of encouraging people to interact with the Bible creatively.  I was amazed by what I saw!  By the time I got there at 10:30 in the morning about one thousand young people had already arrived and during the day many more joined them.  They had rented a school for the event and had set up about thirty different booths, each focusing on the theme of the day which was the parables and proverbs in the Bible.

One of the booths showed how many of the proverbs in the Bible are related to popular proverbs in Society.

Another presented the parable of the Sower in a creative way by pouring water into four different cups each having a white powder at the bottom and the first two gave no reaction, the second lots of fizz which fizzled away quickly and the forth lots of fizz that overflowed and continued to overflow from the cup! The young youth leader using this visual manner explained the parable of the Sower and its message!  Many other booths had creative titles and creative ways of presenting the different parables and proverbs in the Scriptures.

I was amazed by the enthusiasm, the creativity and the commitment of these Coptic Orthodox young people who obviously love God’s Word and want to help others to interact with it.

When I arrived Bishop Moussa was addressing the crowd and when he saw me asked me to join him on the platform and say a word to them.  As he introduced me he talked graciously about the ministry of the Bible Society in Egypt and its role in helping provide the Scriptures in attractive and creative formats for all ages.  I told those present that without this kind of vision and drive to get the Scriptures out to young people, we as a Bible Society would not succeed as a publisher.  Yes we do produce the Scriptures in as creative formats as we can but without church leaders and volunteers who will distribute and communicate these Scriptures our nice publications would simply sit on the shelves of our bookshops.

How I thank God for the vision of a person like Bishop Moussa who for thirty years has been encouraging young people to engage with the Scriptures and someone like Father Marcos who organized this day and worked so hard to get God’s Word out.  It is exciting to serve the Lord alongside great men and women of God in the church in Egypt.


7 thoughts on “30 year old fruit

  1. Thank you Mr. Ramez for attending our 2nd carnival of “Bible 4 All” .. Really we all have the pleasure and the great honor to support us with such great words and your visit as well.
    On behalf of my father Markos Fawzy; (a priest at St. Mary Church in Ardel Sherka, El-Sharabia), I’d like to thank you so much.

    Wael Guirguis; one of the participates in the 2nd carnival of “Bible 4 All”

  2. Reblogged this on engaging the adventure and commented:
    The amazing thing about God’s Word is that it empowers people–or rather I should say, God shapes, transforms, equips, and empowers his people by speaking to them through his own Word. The Bible is the greatest check & balance against cultural insensitivity and worse, even from well-intentioned missionaries. This blog entry gives witness to the power of God’s own Word among the youth of Egypt: they are digging in and listening to God for themselves. Reminds me of the villagers in John 4, who after Jesus spoke with the woman at the well, said that at first they believed because of her, but now they believe because of his word. To God be the glory.

  3. Thanks Ramez…this is such a great story I have been wanting lots of people to see it

    Many Blessings

    Fr. Don


  4. Wonderful news PTL rejoicing with you fellow Egyptian Christians in CAIRO+ ASSUIT with Dr. Ramez! Was visiting with you in your book shop Hdq. In Cairo on Thursd. 20th March, part of the Australian group of Christians, visiting! Your amazing efforts in creating a walk-through experience for children, discovering “How” we got our Bible, is fabulous+efforts worth-while to impact the Youth of Cairo!
    Continue to “let your light shine for Jesus” and be “salt and light” for the youth of Egypt!
    Matthew 5:13-16
    This Sunday, am preaching from Acts 10: and will give your victorious testimony of the new Bible Society Bookshop rebuilt in Assuit PTL.
    Sincerely sister in Jesus, Merrilyn

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