looking through the eyes of a child

Last week my five year old grandson Alex was diving off the diving board on the deep end of an Olympic size pool.  His grandmother was anxiously swimming close by.  On one of his dives he spent time looking downward through his goggles into the very deep bottom of the pool.  “Grandma” he excitedly exclaimed, “I can’t touch the bottom of the pool on this end and neither can you!”  This was an amazing discovery because whenever he was swimming with us he knew that though he could not touch the bottom, we could, and that made him feel secure. As he reflected on his new discovery he suddenly exclaimed “But Jesus can!”

O for the faith of a small child who suddenly discovers his and his grandmother’s limitations but trusts that Jesus can do what we cannot do….

In the present turmoil in Egypt we all need more of this trust and faith rather than the panic which so many seem to be caught up in which makes them act irrationally and as though their faith in Jesus was not “good enough” for the challenges at hand.

Thank you, Alex, for reminding me to trust Jesus even when I cannot touch bottom!


5 thoughts on “looking through the eyes of a child

  1. We need every moment to trust God, sometimes we are blind, we don’t see God in the scene, so we feel insecure, looking for anything else to give us security.

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