Hello world!

You’ll have to be patient with me as I enter the strange world of bloggers!

As a Christian living in Egypt I have found that people have many misconceptions of what life is like in this ancient land which has gone through much unrest and social upheavel during the past year and a half since the January 25th Revolution.

While from time to time I may reflect on the political situation the focus of this blog will be much more personal reflecting on my life in Cairo.

Ramez Atallah


3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I can’t wait to read what you write. Please write more. Write stories to teach me and my generation on how God leads, provides, and changes lives! I remember a lot of incidents when I saw and head you teaching and leading sessions or Bible-study groups. I remember some of those topics as if they were yesterday. In 1993, Bait Al-Salam, you taught a Bible Study on “Elijah: A brunet out minister” 🙂 That was really good 🙂

  2. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog entries, Ramez, on life in Egypt and using simple stories to relate God’s truths in your life. The story about the young boy, Maged, on the street who was so bedraggled, really got to me..why am I so fortunate to live so well and why is he so poor and living so badly? Thank you for going back to help in what you found easy to do, but may have meant alot more to him and his poor extended family.

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